Kick Back With Some Coffee and Do Some Creative Writing Exercises to Prepare for Writing


Most people think about writing exercises as a way to get ideas for a story or to overcome writer’s block, but there are actually some pretty compelling reasons why you might want to do writing exercises even if you are in the middle of a book or already have your story in mind. Doing writing exercise before you begin the work of actual story can get your juices flowing and result in better prose when you start on your real work for the day. A writing exercise doesn’t have to take long – you can kick back, rev up that coffee maker, and do five minutes or so and you’ll notice an improvement in your daily writing. Here are some ways that you can use writing exercises to “prime the pump.”

Describe a Setting

Take five minutes and describe some setting in your story. This does not have to be a setting that you are going to use (although you can), but if you are already writing a story then you might as well describe a setting from within that story. Even if you don’t use it, you will still have more detail on your world and that is a very good thing when trying to make it real for your readers. Writing Naruto Fanfiction can be a great primer for a writing career.

Write Some Dramatic Dialogue

Take your character and simply start writing some dramatic dialogue. You can drop them in right in the middle of the drama. Here’s an example:

Shut up!” Ted said, tears streaming down his face. “I know you did it. I saw you that night.”

You don’t know what you’re talking about,” Jimmy-Big-Lips said, taking a menacing step forward. “You didn’t see anything and you don’t know anything.”

Don’t worry about whether it makes sense or where the story is going. Just write some dramatic dialogue that gets your heart rate up.

Write a Taut, Thrilling Scene

Again, don’t overthink it. Just start writing from wherever the action begins. Here is an example:

He crouched in the bushes, trying to ignore the sharp lightning bolts of pain that kept running through his legs from being in that position for so long. The smell of the rosebush was strong, and the feel of cold steel of the pistol he’d stolen was comforting against his palm.

Write a Blurb (For Anything)

Another thing that you can do to get the juices flowing is to write a blurb. If you are already working on something, then write a blurb for that. If you are stuck without an idea, then write a blurb for anything – even something that is already published. The point is to get your juices flowing so that when you sit down to write, you are already at your full potential.

Write an Impossible “What If” Scene

Finally, take any character and put them in a situation where something happens that they cannot explain. You can learn a lot about a character by writing them confronting something that is impossible; it can be aliens, monsters, a conspiracy or whatever you like.

If you really need to hone your craft, try writing some short stories.

How To Make A Podcast To Promote Your Book


How To Make A Podcast To Promote Your Book

Podcasting is all the rage these days. Ever since the creation of Serial, people have been buzzing about podcasting. These days, there’s a podcast for every topic, making it a great source of promotion for your books. Pretty much whatever your genre or niche, you’ll find a podcast covering it. There are many ways to take advantage of this podcasting movement and help get your book in front of more people. Try some of these simple tricks and start promoting now! There are podcasts about fanfiction, flash fiction, poetry, history, fandoms, movies, short stories, horror, love, and more.

Do interviews about your book

The easiest way to take advantage of podcasts is to do interviews on a bunch of podcasts. Podcasts get pitched a lot these days so make sure you find a compelling angle to pitch. Your book needs to be interesting and different and be valuable to the podcaster’s audience. The more value you can provide (and the more they can look cool by having you on their podcast), the better. This is the key to every pitch. Go through the podcast search and just find all the podcasts that interview authors, especially ones in your genre or niche. Figure out a good angle to pitch you. Make sure you customize the interviews as much as you can. Then send away! If you are good with your customization of the emails, you’ll land a few interviews. If you do well in the interview, it’ll make getting on other podcasts a lot easier.

Buy Ads on Podcasts

There are many podcasts that target similar demographics to what you want. They may not specifically about books, but they may have an audience you’d like to reach. Ads readouts on podcasts are new so they are generally underpriced still and because the person is reading it out loud, the ad has a deeper connection with the listener. It’s great brand building.

Look for podcasts and be creative. If it’s a young adult novel, you may look at movie analysis podcasts for shows and movies that target young adults. You might look at humor podcasts or podcasts that feature influencers that teens like. The more creative here you can get, the better. There are still many diamonds in the rough in the podcasting space and if you find a good podcast that is perfect for an audience that nobody else has found yet, it’s a great opportunity to get a lot of marketing for a fraction of the normal price.

Start Your Own Podcast

With apps like Anchor, anybody with a phone can start a podcast. Starting a podcast can be a lot of work, but can be really worth it if done well. You can build a loyal audience that will stick with you through multiple books and opportunities. Podcasts are also a great way to build your network. Everybody wants publicity so if you have a small audience that you can use to promote with, you can get access and meet many people. For example, if you start a podcast about publishing, you can interview literary agents, publishers, and more and get to know many people in the publishing space. You have an easy excuse to get in front of them.

To make things easier, you can even partner with existing writing sites to get content that you can read out loud. Makes things much easier. It will be easy to compile some of the best writing contests and then leverage that for eyeballs and audience. From there you can promote your own work and even work directly with your own advertisers and promote other people’s books for money.

How to Capture a Voice for a Character


Creating Your Character’s Voice

Good characters are going to have their own voice. But new writers often have trouble coming up with this voice. They don’t know what their character sounds like, and so many of their characters may sound the same. Some writers try to model a character voice from a popular character that they know. But you don’t want to copy someone else’s character voice; you want your character to have their own unique voice. That’s why you should check out these helpful tips on how to create a voice.

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Narration vs. Dialogue

The first thing you have to understand is that there is a difference between the narration voice that you create in the dialogue voice that you create. If you look at an example from popular fiction, the narration voice of Harry Potter in the seven book series is completely different than the actual dialogue voice of Harry Potter. Harry Potter Fanfiction authors also play with this pretty well.

Try Out Different Voices

Another thing that you can do is to try out different voices for your character. Write the same line of dialogue using different voices and try to find something that fits with your character. Obviously, not everything is going to fit, you may find something that comes close and you can use it to create the new voice for an original character.

Think About Why Your Character Speaks That Way

Another thing that you can do is try to figure out why your character speaks that way. For example, Hagrid from Harry Potter speaks that way because of his background and the fact that he is half-giant who is not made it through school. Try to figure out what your character’s background is and why it might cause him to speak a certain way. This will allow you to come up with dialogue and narration that fits that particular character perfectly.

Avoid Character Voice Clichés

You definitely want to avoid character voice clichés. For example, suppose that you are writing about a pirate. You do not want your pirate to be saying, “Arrrh Matey,” all the time because that is just a good essay on the pirate genre and it is going to make your story or novel look weak. Instead, imagine a pirate character that speaks like he has read Shakespeare and every available classic novel known to man. This is a much better way to get a character to talk and avoids the regular cliché of making him sound like he comes from a terrible movie.

Write Down Real Voices to Get Ideas

Finally, write down people’s real voices to get ideas what they sound like. You do not want to copy someone exactly, but you can use some of the ideas that you get by writing down what people say and how they say it, to give you ideas on how to write dialogue. Not all dialogue is going to be good, but it should give you some ideas on how to write your own and help you to develop your own character voice.

8 Ways a Character Can Inspire a Story


8 Ways a Character Can Inspire a Story

One of the best ways to come up with the story is to use your main character to inspire it. If you already know the name of your main character and a little bit about him or her, then you can use some of the techniques below to inspire a story. Most writers know that even if you come up with the story beforehand, the character is what drives that story, and often in a direction that you did not expect. That means if you need a story, you might just be able to recognize one just from the simple process of interacting with your main character. If you want some writing advice on using any of these techniques, check out one of the helpful websites out there like Reedsy which has a lot of great advice for starting your story.

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  • Interview Your Main Character: One of the best ways to get to know your character and find out what kind of stories they want to tell is simply to interview them.
  • Write a Scene from Your Character’s Childhood: You should try to write a scene from your character’s childhood. There could be something that happened in their childhood that will inspire a story later in life. If you are writing a children’s story, then the event doesn’t have to be that much later.
  • Create a Scene with Nothing but Dialogue: If you can figure out how your character speaks, then you will get a long way towards understanding him or her better. Plus, sometimes free dialogue can inspire a story.
  • Imagine “What If” Scenarios for That Character: Put your character in various what-if scenarios and see if any of them make you think of an original story that hasn’t been written yet.
  • Draw a Picture of Your Character: Sometimes, drawing a picture of your character will allow you to get to know them better and the type of picture that you put them in might just be part of a story you want to tell.
  • Write Fan-Fiction Featuring Your Character: If you can put your character in one of your favorite worlds, it might inspire something original. Obviously, you do not want to write a real story that is based upon someone else’s world, but you can do it if you are trying to inspire yourself.
  • Write Your Character’s Eulogy: This is more for character development than story, but it can be a useful tool for coming up with the story as well – particularly the story of how they died.
  • Come Up With a Comprehensive Backstory: Finally, if all else fails, come up with your character’s entire backstory. This is a pretty common technique, and it is rather time-consuming, resulting in frustration if you decide that you don’t want to write about that character after all, but a back story is a huge help when you actually begin writing, and it may give you some ideas when you are lacking for them.

Why You Should Use KDP to Self-Publish


Using KDP to Self-Publish

Choosing a publishing platform is one of the most important task you have as a self-publishing author. The problem is, there are lot of publishing platforms choose from, and there are a lot of things to consider. Still, most people go with the Kindle Direct Publishing platform. There are some very good reasons why this is, and we will be exploring them in detail in just a moment. But for those who are not that familiar with the platform, let’s take a break from outlining our novel and have a look at what KDP actually is.

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What is Kindle Direct Publishing?

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a publishing platform that is set up by Amazon that gives you the ability to publish digital books for the Kindle without spending a single dime to do so. That’s right, you don’t have to pay anything to use the KDP program. In fact, Amazon will pay you royalties of up to 70 percent simply for publishing with them, and they give you tools to promote your book as well. To use KDP to publish your book, all you have to do is create an account, fill in all of the information and upload your book and book cover. You can literally publish a book in about 10 minutes using KDP. But what are the benefits of doing so? If you need help setting it up, check out for some Onsite in 60, an IT Support NYC company.

The Benefits of Using Kindle Direct Publishing

  • Your book will be listed on Amazon which is the largest digital and physical book retailer on the planet.
  • You are able to come up with keywords and fill out descriptions that will allow your book to be listed for specific topics that the book covers.
  • You also be able to choose categories, so that when people are looking for a very specific genre or type of book, there is a chance that yours will come up, especially in categories without much else published.
  • You will be able to rise up in the search rankings due to your sales, which could mean thousands of sales in a single day if you can get enough people to buy your book all at once. People that get in the top 100 can literally earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in days or weeks.
  • You will have access to the Kindle Select program which allows you to offer your book for free or at a reduced cost once every 90 days, and this can be a huge promotion for your book that can carry over to when the price changes back to normal.
  • You will be able to be part of Kindle Unlimited which allows people to borrow your book that have a KU membership, and you will earn money for every single page of your book that they read.
  • Your book is already converted to Kindle format, so it can be read on the most popular device for reading electronic books.
  • You also have access to Amazon’s brand-new print on demand paperback capabilities and possibly be able to publish your book in hardcover in the future.
  • You can earn up to 70 percent royalties on every book you sell.

Self-Publishing v/s Traditional Publishing


Are you confused between self-publishing is better or traditional publishing is better? Then let us tell you, some years back, self-publishing was not treated as a well-regarded path to success. But with the changed in time, authors started self-publishing their books.

Self-publishing is better or traditional publishing is better, the answer to this question depends on context to context. Let’s discuss the biggest factor which plays a vital role in deciding which method of publishing a book is better:

Where you want your book to be stocked?
Self-published authors cannot achieve wide distribution for their book at stores with a single title. If you have connections, you can get your book stocked locally or in your region. But majority of times, books of self-publishing authors are sold through online retail, as a print or an e-book.

Do you want to get media attention?
If your goal is to grab media’s attention, then probably you need a traditional publisher for your book. When you self-publish a book through online retail, it is very difficult for author to score traditional book reviews, and media coverage. Whereas, it is easy for traditional publishers getting those doors to open to grab the attraction of media. Traditional publishers only need to figure out how to write a novel once they land a deal.

Is your book appealing to your audience?
You can self-publish your book, when the audience you want to reach is easily reachable on your own through your own business, website, bolg or any other source that touches your fan base. In case, if you’re looking for a book to increase your readership in any which ways, then a publisher can be useful.

What market are you targeting?
Some categories or genres of work are ideal for self-publishing because this audience is already consuming things digitally and eager to discover their next read through online channels.

Are you an entrepreneur?
Becoming a self-published author means you are solely responsible for your book’s success. If you’re a first-time author, you may have little knowledge of how professionally published book looks like. You also possess little knowledge of editing, designing, sales and distribution work etc.

To opt for self-publishing carrier, you need to have an entrepreneurial mindset and willingness to learn the publishing business. Although, as a self-publisher, you can always have an option to hire for the services you require but when you have knowledge with you, no one can fool you. On the other hand, if you can work with a team of people, or can be a business partner, you may be better suited to traditional publishing.

Do you want to use self-publishing as a way to land a traditional deal?
Do not ever use self-publishing as a way to land a traditional deal, as such efforts fail majority of the times.

How much money do you want to earn?
The earning through self-publishing or through traditional publishing purely depends on the book and the type of deal or contract you offered.

As each author and every book is so as the target markets to differ. Better keep a clear set of goals for your book, and figure out the right publishing strategy for you.

Solutions for Getting the Best Microwave in Easy to Follow Step by Step Format


In case you haven’t bought a microwave in some moment, you will find cool features now available that you can’t know about. The microwave also includes a tall rack and quite low rack, letting you cook to your taste. If you’re prepared to find a microwave, please visit the matrix in the peak of this page for our recommendations. It’s possible to also, as you are probably aware, buy a microwave which has a convection cooking feature to make it possible for you to bake and brown along with warmth but that, along with the other cool features, are odd to discover at the amount of countertop appliances we’re going to be reviewing. Likewise, in the event you’ve been seeking a countertop microwave that will serve a enormous family efficiently, then you’ve found one. Not all microwaves can receive the work done though, particularly if you’re one who appreciates the caliber of your food a few microwaves heat unevenly, though some send lingering scents around the kitchen. With the microwave contrast, you can make sure to purchase the ideal microwave on the current market and save a good deal of money if you get it online.

Microwaves have become an important area of the kitchen because microwaves are an appliance which provides a great deal of assistance. The microwave is made from stainless steel. It’s unbelievably easy to use, and unlike so many distinct microwaves, it’s going to be an asset to your kitchen’s aesthetic. Having been a favourite appliance for many decades, there are several incredible microwaves with affordable prices easily available today.

IR ovens are flexible when it has to do with cooking ware. If you presently have an oven and you just desire to devote a microwave to your arsenal, you couldn’t pick a more equipped machine. In addition, there are the countertop microwave ovens which are typical in kitchens. Conventional countertop microwave ovens might even offer multiple power settings, but the fact is they simply pulse whole capability to simulate variable power settings. At this time you may understand that buying the ideal microwave oven isn’t that easy. Additionally, there are over-the-range microwave ovens which are constructed for the ease of an in-demand chef.

Our existing cooker employs the exact same knob to the top oven and grill, thus the complete temperature control. The very first point to examine when deciding upon a rice cooker is capacity. Learn as much as possible about rice cookers so you may discover a rice cooker that is a excellent fit for someone exactly like you. Before you get a rice cooker, you should devote some time researching your alternatives.

Best Microwave

Just because you’re confronted with a very small cooking space does not mean you ought to walk backward every single time you need to get out. The unit will deal with itself and maintain that room at your ideal temperature. While the unit with no thermostat is more economical from the beginning, when you add in the price of buying one to go with your unit, you wind up paying about the exact same price. It’s also important to take into consideration the capacity of your perfect microwave. Moreover cooking range is a little bigger investment, so will not fit if you’re new in baking also if you’re occasional bakers. Alongside its normal microwave feature, in addition, it comprises a collection of automatic cooking and defrosting programs, which are simple to master employing the microwave’s simple controls.

Remember, most kick space units on the market these days do not offer you an integrated thermostat. Each brand has a specific specialty and differs from a lot of other brands. The goods are varying in the choice of cost and new technologies. When you’re using such electrical goods, you have to make sure the frequency of the voltages fulfills the requirements. First you will require those ingredients. As an issue of fact, you can use almost any sort of fat or cooking oil you’ve got on hand, even though some forms work better than others.

Your pantry should match your requirements. An all-bright-blue kitchen might be fun, also. My dream kitchen is about the aesthetics. Folks who have used the toaster cooking take pleasure from the cooking outcomes. Such foods simply don’t look or taste very great. There’s also an additional meal left over for the next moment. If you’re only earning a meal for yourself, then you likely only require the small or medium steamer.

Possibly the biggest revolution in microwave oven technology was the debut of the inverter microwave. Anyway, the light in the microwave gives you the vital visibility to monitor the development of your food. Then, the microwave’s preset programmes will earn a big difference for the majority of users. Hence it’s quite important to go for a microwave review to be able to decide the best microwave ovens.