Month: August 2018

Self-Publishing v/s Traditional Publishing


Are you confused between self-publishing is better or traditional publishing is better? Then let us tell you, some years back, self-publishing was not treated as a well-regarded path to success. But with the changed in time, authors started self-publishing their books.

Self-publishing is better or traditional publishing is better, the answer to this question depends on context to context. Let’s discuss the biggest factor which plays a vital role in deciding which method of publishing a book is better:

Where you want your book to be stocked?
Self-published authors cannot achieve wide distribution for their book at stores with a single title. If you have connections, you can get your book stocked locally or in your region. But majority of times, books of self-publishing authors are sold through online retail, as a print or an e-book.

Do you want to get media attention?
If your goal is to grab media’s attention, then probably you need a traditional publisher for your book. When you self-publish a book through online retail, it is very difficult for author to score traditional book reviews, and media coverage. Whereas, it is easy for traditional publishers getting those doors to open to grab the attraction of media. Traditional publishers only need to figure out how to write a novel once they land a deal.

Is your book appealing to your audience?
You can self-publish your book, when the audience you want to reach is easily reachable on your own through your own business, website, bolg or any other source that touches your fan base. In case, if you’re looking for a book to increase your readership in any which ways, then a publisher can be useful.

What market are you targeting?
Some categories or genres of work are ideal for self-publishing because this audience is already consuming things digitally and eager to discover their next read through online channels.

Are you an entrepreneur?
Becoming a self-published author means you are solely responsible for your book’s success. If you’re a first-time author, you may have little knowledge of how professionally published book looks like. You also possess little knowledge of editing, designing, sales and distribution work etc.

To opt for self-publishing carrier, you need to have an entrepreneurial mindset and willingness to learn the publishing business. Although, as a self-publisher, you can always have an option to hire for the services you require but when you have knowledge with you, no one can fool you. On the other hand, if you can work with a team of people, or can be a business partner, you may be better suited to traditional publishing.

Do you want to use self-publishing as a way to land a traditional deal?
Do not ever use self-publishing as a way to land a traditional deal, as such efforts fail majority of the times.

How much money do you want to earn?
The earning through self-publishing or through traditional publishing purely depends on the book and the type of deal or contract you offered.

As each author and every book is so as the target markets to differ. Better keep a clear set of goals for your book, and figure out the right publishing strategy for you.