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8 Ways a Character Can Inspire a Story


8 Ways a Character Can Inspire a Story

One of the best ways to come up with the story is to use your main character to inspire it. If you already know the name of your main character and a little bit about him or her, then you can use some of the techniques below to inspire a story. Most writers know that even if you come up with the story beforehand, the character is what drives that story, and often in a direction that you did not expect. That means if you need a story, you might just be able to recognize one just from the simple process of interacting with your main character. If you want some writing advice on using any of these techniques, check out one of the helpful websites out there like Reedsy which has a lot of great advice for starting your story.

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  • Interview Your Main Character: One of the best ways to get to know your character and find out what kind of stories they want to tell is simply to interview them.
  • Write a Scene from Your Character’s Childhood: You should try to write a scene from your character’s childhood. There could be something that happened in their childhood that will inspire a story later in life. If you are writing a children’s story, then the event doesn’t have to be that much later.
  • Create a Scene with Nothing but Dialogue: If you can figure out how your character speaks, then you will get a long way towards understanding him or her better. Plus, sometimes free dialogue can inspire a story.
  • Imagine “What If” Scenarios for That Character: Put your character in various what-if scenarios and see if any of them make you think of an original story that hasn’t been written yet.
  • Draw a Picture of Your Character: Sometimes, drawing a picture of your character will allow you to get to know them better and the type of picture that you put them in might just be part of a story you want to tell.
  • Write Fan-Fiction Featuring Your Character: If you can put your character in one of your favorite worlds, it might inspire something original. Obviously, you do not want to write a real story that is based upon someone else’s world, but you can do it if you are trying to inspire yourself.
  • Write Your Character’s Eulogy: This is more for character development than story, but it can be a useful tool for coming up with the story as well – particularly the story of how they died.
  • Come Up With a Comprehensive Backstory: Finally, if all else fails, come up with your character’s entire backstory. This is a pretty common technique, and it is rather time-consuming, resulting in frustration if you decide that you don’t want to write about that character after all, but a back story is a huge help when you actually begin writing, and it may give you some ideas when you are lacking for them.